Cloud Services

What is Cloud

Cloud services are an computer infrastructure which is fully hidden from the customer. This mean that you would never need to:

  • Upgrade server hardware;
  • Maintain hardware boxes and patches;
  • Think of networking and high availability patterns;
  • Pay for unused resources;
  • Think of global scalability and availability options;
  • Think of performance and productivity.

Current major providers are Amazon, Google and Microsoft (Azure). Usually cloud provides access to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Application as a Service (APaaS), Database as a Service (DBaS) and Everything as a Service. Which means that everything can be done for your money.. =) As a second stage after (or during) cloud adoption we suggest to look through AgileDev and DevOps practices!

What you have

Bored with finding the difference in cloud services? Do not know what is Serverless? Why is it so cool? What the difference between scalability and reliability? Why to care! Concentrate  on the ICO or business development and we will help you out with any level of production deployment into the cloud. We are absolutely familiar with AWS Services, Google Cloud platform, Azure, Openstack/Openshift platforms, VMWare and other products.

What we do:

  • Analyze your weakest points and bottlenecks (e.g single point of failure);
  • Work with your developer team to gather existing architecture limitations (what can’t be done);
  • Look through your release process and coding process;
  • Propose self-scalable, self-healing cloud based architecture;
  • Work and support you throughout whole start-up process.


Please be advised, that in order to archive best results, infrastructure and architectural decision should be done on the early stages of your product. Since most of the decisions should be aligned with your product design. Despite of that, we can pick up project on any stages and propose necessary changes.

I want it!

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