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Web development

What is Web Development

Pretty strange if you do no know what the web development means.. Oh, ok! So everything started with a FrontPage… or probably not! Web development is a branch of normal “coding”, but for the web sites… If you hear Apache, Nginx, React (Angular), Typescript, Bootstrap, PHP, Django and any other TOP100 IT related queries – this is mostly around Web Development. Usually it’s all starting here – you created a small web page, time passed and wow, you have a huge portal with large AgileDev delivery pipelines, auto-scaling Cloud services and other stuff.

What you have

Huge “state-full” application on fully vertically scaled server. Lots of “single point of failures” and whole your code set is so fragile, that you already have post-update failure period oh several hours defined. Database is chocking and collocated on the same server? Cache is just a fancy word?

What we do

  • Defines an functional layers of your application;
  • Separate UI from business logic;
  • Re-design business logic to be state-less;
  • Re-factor critical (loaded) parts to reside on a serverless cloud infrastructure.
  • Apply best performance optimization practices;
  • Re-factor application to scale horizontally.

We can work with most of the “trending” web technologies like PHP 7.2 (Laravel), Python (Django, Flask), NoSQL/SQL (Postgres, Mongo, MariaDB) and in any familiar (Linux) environment. So please don’t worry and contact us!

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Web development