AgileDev and DevOps

What is AgileDev and DevOps

AgileDev or Agile Software Development is a set of practices and principles in software development, which allows rapid and dynamic delivery of your product. Whenever your RnD department grows from “one man army” principles, you probably will face a “waterfall” process limitations. As soon as everyone will start waiting “The Guru” to come up with a solution know, you need AgileDev.

DevOps – is a software engineering philosophy, which combines Developer and Operator into one particular person. Usually combining AgileDev and Devops will lead to other cool words like Continuous Delivery, Test Driven Development, Delivery Pipeline and etc. If you do not know what Github – Travis (Jenkkins) – Heroku – Sentry are, Please contact us!

What you have

Your developers still uploads code via FTP/SSH? Have you already accidentally wiped out whole your server root directory? Your product upgrade requires aligning to the moon calendar and voodoo in order to be done without a failure? Unit-tests are written to make developers stressed? So you still clicking whole your product manually to prove its working?

What we do

  • Deep-dive into your existing development and release processes;
  • Brake it all =) Then build from scratch using latest AgileDev¬† and DevOps principles;
  • Push the button and it’s all live!
  • ????
  • PROFIT!!!
Agiledev and devops